Street Library Educates Students on Martin Luther King Jr.

February 18, 2017; 3:07 am

The Street Library Educates Students on Martin Luther King Jr.

By Mallory Gadye


Today, the world continues to act upon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s statement that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
Last month, The Street Library and U.S. Embassy organized a special educational program in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The program was held at Royal Daisy School and Child Care Development Centre (CCDC), both within the Greater Accra Region.

Founder of Royal Daisy School, Mrs. Mensah, felt honored that her school was chosen to host.

“It’s so important for everyone to know about Martin Luther King Jr. because he’s a hero who fought and died to end racial discrimination.  I feel grateful that my students can learn about how he achieved racial equality through non-violence.”

Classrooms were shown a documentary film on the African American Civil Rights Movement and Dr. King’s struggles against racism and racial segregation.  It showed his contribution to world peace through non-violent social change.

After the film, students were engaged in lively classroom discussions on Dr. King’s life and legacy.  They had the opportunity to express their ideas and thoughts on ways to solve problems with peace instead of violence.

Students were enthusiastic to tell me what they had learned.

One student said, “You shouldn’t use violence to try to solve problems.  You should always use peace.”

Another student said, “It’s important to treat everyone with the same fairness and kindness.  Even if they are different than you.”

Founder of The Street Library, Hayford Siaw, is thrilled with the positive learning outcome of the program.

“Such interactive learning opportunity among children is a good start to imbibe the spirit of volunteerism, perseverance and the desire for a just society- these Dr. King demonstrated in his lifetime”






The Adventures of Reddy Fox

October 8, 2016; 10:04 pm

Thornton W. Burgess

These delightful stories created by the writer known famously as the Bedtime Story Man provide hours of endless enjoyment for readers both young and old.


Cookie Rookie

October 7, 2016; 5:38 pm

Amy Upshaw and Salem de Bezenac, Illustrated by Agnes de Bezenac

Those cookies sure tasted good. But it just didn’t cross his mind early enough, that it would have worked out better for him if he had asked first. A short story told from a child’s perspective, aimed at teaching children hows and whys of good behaviour.

Turtle Trouble

; 5:37 pm

Amy Upshaw and Salem de Bezenac, Illustrated by Agnes de Bezenac

Telling the truth, or covering up? That’s what our little character in this story is mulling over in his little mind. A short story told from a child’s perspective, aimed at teaching children hows and whys of good behaviour.

Princess Azzurra and the Gluttonous Dragon

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Elisa Crepuscolo known as Elisa Favi

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Share your Vision on Combating Illiteracy: Social Entrepreneur to Presidential Candidates

September 8, 2016; 4:23 am

Fifty years ago, UNESCO declared 8th September International Literacy Day. The goal was, in their words, “To actively mobilize the international community and to promote literacy as an instrument to empower individuals, communities, and societies.”

In Ghana, the Non Formal Education Division(NFED) of the Ministry of Education was established in 1991, with the mandate to eradicate illiteracy in Ghana by the year 2015. After almost a quarter of a century, the NFED has been utterly unable to craft a coherent national policy to guide achievement of this goal. This is completely unacceptable.

Despite the fact that Ghana’s literacy levels continue to be disputed by researchers (who consider government statistics to be inflated and exaggerated, containing a sizeable number of functional illiterates), one thing is certainly clear: Ghana’s literacy rate continues to fall well below the global average level of 84%.

Certainly, change won’t be easy. There is no simple solution. But clear guidance must be given.

For example, our country’s traditional process of learning is currently embroiled in critical dispute among many researchers, some of whom have made a strong case for young learners first having a firm grasp of their mother tongue before learning a second language. Personally, I believe that ignoring the demonstrated merits of this approach may be negatively affecting many children and their learning development process. Furthermore, inconsistencies and rapid changes in language policy in Ghana have also left key players within the education sector drifting, with no clear direction.

We stand at a crossroads.

In fact, 2016 is the first year of implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In this context, the vision of literacy according to UNESCO is aligned with lifelong learning opportunities with special focus on youth and adults. Literacy is a part of Sustainable Development Goal 4, which aims to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promotes lifelong learning opportunities for all.”

As Ghana goes to the polls in December, it is highly unfortunate that none of the presidential candidates has come out strongly to share their vision of how they will eradicate illiteracy and build the capacity of our most important resource—our people.

In Ghana, Street Library—which has been operating literacy intervention programs for children and young adults in Ghana for five years—will be engaging children in various Reading, Literacy, and Personal Development Activities to commemorate the day. Our libraries and reading hubs in Pokuase, in the Greater Accra Region, and Damang Ahwerase, in the Eastern Region, will host dozens of eager young readers, sharing stories, games, and other learning activities.

About Street Library: Key innovations include a Mobile Library on Wheels that brings critical learning resources, including books and computers, to rural children. This program is generously supported by Tigo Ghana and the Millicom Foundation. Our newest innovation transforms student classrooms into “living libraries,” allowing young readers to freely and voluntarily have access to high interest, culturally appropriate books right in their own classrooms. This initiative is wholly funded by The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation and the Global Fund for Children.

Hayford Siaw

Social Entrepreneur – Founder and President: Street Library

Street Library introduces Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) in Ghana.

February 5, 2016; 11:09 am

Sapeiman, Ghana.

Ghanaian organisation, Street Library Ghana has introduced the Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) program in the community of Sapeiman, in partnership with Child Care and Development Centre (CCDC), a school within the Greater Accra Region as part of its Sapeiman Literacy Project for 2016.


Communication Development Associate – Volunteer

January 1, 2016; 10:42 pm

Communication Development Associate – Volunteer

Street Library, a non-profit organization headquartered in Accra, Ghana is currently looking to engage a college student or recent grad interested in developing their marketing and public relations savvy. The individual will assist with coordination and implementation of the organizations outreach efforts, including public relations, marketing, publications, website, social media, and e-blast communications.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the direction of a Supervisor, Volunteer may be involved with any of the following activities:

• Work to develop and implement an annual communications plan.
• Create and manage the communications calendar.
• Prepare press releases.
• Maintain and update media contacts list, catalog of press coverage and updated press kits.
• Identify and develop beneficiary stories, testimonials, program updates and other newsworthy stories.
• Identify and secure media opportunities.
• Create and distribute email “blast” communications, including quarterly e-newsletters, event promotions, and other emails as needed.
• Maintain the organization’s presence on social networking sites as needed.
• Ensure that Street Library website content is current and the site’s appearance is user-friendly, professional and attractive.
• Assist in developing publications, including quarterly newsletters and annual social impact reports. Includes managing timelines, writing, research and design.
• Assist with creating and updating all printed marketing materials.
• Maintain organization’s display materials to be attractive and accurate.
• Assist in the creation of event sponsorship and marketing materials as needed.
• Identify and pursue appropriate and impactful community relations opportunities.
• Perform other related duties as requested.
• Bachelor’s degree, or currently enrolled student pursuing a degree in a related field: English, journalism, public relations or communications majors encouraged to apply.
• Experience writing press releases and/or have taken classes in journalism.
• Outstanding written, verbal and visual communication skills.
• Computer skills, including MS Office programs; desktop publishing and graphic layout skills utilizing Photoshop, Illustrator; web-based applications including Constant Contact, WordPress and social media applications.
• Strong understanding of brand management, public relations and online communications.

Something you should know!

Street Library is a small grass roots non-profit with Head office in Pokuase, a suburb of Accra. The individual engaged for this position must be super flexible and willing to help where needed most. Creativity, flexibility, ingenuity and a sense of humor are all traits that would fit in well here. Additionally, volunteer can work from remote locations and attend weekly meetings at the head office.

The volunteer engaged for this position is expected to work 15-20 hours per week mostly from a home/personal office, have their own computer, internet access, telephone, etc. Light travel within Ghana, maybe requested.

Employment Type: Volunteer (15-20 hours per week/6 months). Reimbursement will be made for direct expense related to assigned responsibilities. This is not a paid position.

Experience: Related experience would be awesome, but is not required. Excellent writing skills are essential.

Send your CV with cover note to if interested.

Message from Founder on New Year 2016

; 12:05 pm

Dear Friend,

I write to express my deep gratitude to you for your support in 2015. Though challenging in many ways, it was such a good year for Street Library. 2016 will even be better.

For five years, Street Library has been rolling out different programs to support reading. Our concept has been replicated by many NGOs in Ghana, Liberia and Cameroon. Many have also taken our idea and refined it to suit their environment and given it different names. Some we know, some we don’t ; we are happy for all. It is a testament of how an innocent idea , could make such impact in the lives of many.

Over the years, we have grown rapidly as an organisation and in 2016, we shall be consolidating our gains. We call it ”our year of consolidation”. We shall be rolling out enrichment programs to support our direct beneficiaries, implemeting partners, communities and all. A key interest for Street Library in 2016 will also be to enhance our advocacy strategy to enable a lot more organisations be involved in reading projects. A new Strategic Plan will be developed with funding from The Global Fund for Children- USA. Our enrichment program will be supported with funding from The Chen Yet-Sen Foundation of HongKong. Many other global partners will be supporting in diverse ways to achieve our vision.

A global fundraising will be launch to raise up to $2million in Endowment . We are prepared for the future and we invite you to invest in us. More details will be shared in the ensuing weeks.

Happy New Year!

Hayford Siaw

Founder- Street Library

Volunteer & Internship

September 15, 2015; 5:15 pm

27e90d77e3e3e9ada7eb2d2d1bb072f9Through its close relationship with Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa (VPWA), SLG has benefited from the skills of volunteers from allover the world. It recognizes the role of volunteers in its areas of operation.

The recruitment process allows both skilled professionals and students to work with SLG and its partner projects, and contributes directly to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

Local and international volunteers are accepted, and beside onsite volunteering, those unable to travel to Ghana are given the opportunity to work virtually with SLG through the United Nations Volunteers Online Volunteering Service.

Various opportunities are frequently published and updated on both SLG and VPWA websites. All Street Library Volunteering opportunity enquiries should be sent to our recruitment partner. Visit them on Email: info(a)