Technology & Innovation

September 14, 2015; 1:24 pm

Through a raft of digital innovations, Street Library is involved in strategic partnerships to develop and utilize varied e-platforms to disrupt delivery of educational and culturally relevant literacy resources to children in Africa.

Online Library

As part of an effort to reach wider audiences of children with books, committed volunteers have decided to mobilize freely-available children’s books onto a readily-accessible digital platform, the online library. This serves as a hub providing access to a wide range of books in digital format that can be easily downloadable according to different budgets, from free to premium.

Street Library App

In a medium- to long-term project, Street Library is involved in a strategic partnership with international organizations to develop a raft of digital innovations addressing literacy issues.

Currently in active development, these are designed to engage more children in the interconnected world of communications technology, bringing greater mobility and access to information and broader interaction with each other. This aims to level the playing field that tomorrow’s citizens, workers and leaders will have to operate in.

Personal Development

; 1:23 pm

We recognize Personal, Social and Emotional development as one of the building blocks success in life. Throughout our library centers, trained mentors are provided with relevant skills to support young people develop their self-confidence and self-awareness.


; 1:22 pm

In our quest to respond to literacy needs, we adopt three library concepts to reach directly to vulnerable children in rural communities with relevant resources. We achieve this through our Mobile Van, Book Kiosk and the Book Chest initiatives.


Mobile Van

Since 2011, Street Library Ghana has been running a mobile library which visits different communities, bringing both books and staff to engage children in outreach activities.

Dedicated staff and community volunteers attend the van and engage children in outreach activities such as reading and educational exercises. The footprint of this operation covers 8 rural communities in the Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipality of the Eastern Region and GA West Municipality in the Greater Accra.

Book Chest

Book Chests are collections of approximately 150 books for children, spanning a broad variety of reading level, non-fiction topics and fiction genres.

They are designed to serve as a portable library, suitable for schools and communities. The mix of carefully selected high quality books aims to develop literacy skills by nurturing a joy of reading and pursuit of knowledge. Book Chests are packaged in a sturdy water- and airproof box to keep books in good condition for as long as possible.

Reading Hub

The first permanent library hub was completed in Anoff community in Damang, Eastern Region. Two others are under construction in Eastern Region and Greater Accra respectively.

The kiosk-like structure differs from a regular library building in that it’s purpose is to house the book collection, e-readers and tablets and provide an inviting and accessible hub for library activities, with shaded seating placed around it.The architect-designed structure is to provide a permanent space for the community to conduct library activities in on a daily basis, greatly enhancing local children’s access to reading material and learning opportunity.