Become a Street Library Investor

September 24, 2016; 8:35 pm

Overview of Investor Badges

The Street Library would like to make sure that all of its potential investors have the option to donate what best suits them. That is why we offer multiple types of investments to cover the many different needs required for the Street Library to continue functioning and expanding. All donations that bring us closer to a new van, kiosk, or reaching more communities are greatly appreciated. In return for your donation, the Street Library will gladly provide you with a digital Investment Badge that you can choose to display on your website and other social media sites. Please read below for a description of each of the investment opportunities and decide which one works best for you.

The Street Library gives children in rural communities an access to books they otherwise would not have. The availability of reading materials outside of class is crucial for developing the children’s learning and the promotion of literacy in these communities. The Street Library makes this possible in many rural communities with only one van and a couple boxes of books, and it has the potential to spread throughout the entire country of Ghana in the form of not just mobile vans but also stationary libraries that would give the communities unlimited access to books. The Street Library is working towards the goal of 1,000,000 books that would allow for the establishment of 2,000 libraries, reaching 100,000 children. To achieve this goal, the Street Library will need the help of generous sponsors willing to help us cover the costs of vans, kiosks, books and general operations.

Investor Badges

Below are the several different investment packages

FUNDING A VAN – $32,000


Street Library focuses on providing libraries to children in rural areas. To ensure the Street Library team can regularly visit these villages vans are a necessary means to an end. Lack of vans is restricting the ability for Street Library to expand and scale as one van can only be in one village at one time



Help build a Street Library kiosk that will ensure children have access to books on a regular basis. The permanent kiosk will allow the community constant access to books. The library is typically set up close to a village center so that everyone can reach it easily. Note that the kiosk can be branded to represent the investor. As part of the investment, Street library can arrange a field visit to the villages with Street Library to interact with the children, see the impact of the investment and do a Kiosk Grand Opening



Staff salaries, Fuel, new books and rent are just a few of the main expenses incurred by the Street Library team. On average, running costs amount to $4,000/month to operate our van service around it target communities. You can contribute to engaging children with books and reading lessons so that they can realize their potential, even in rural Ghanaian villages. As part of this sponsorship, Street Library can arrange a field visit to the villages with Street Library to interact with the children and see the impact of the investment first hand.



We are grateful for anything you can offer us! Any investment will be used towards the building or running of Street Libraries. You are free to suggest how your donation should be invested; examples include purchasing new books, financing part of a kiosk or van, investments towards operational costs etc.



Many of our Street Libraries would benefit greatly from new and second hand children’s books to provide a variety of different stories for children. Some of our Street Libraries have up to fifty children attending at one time – our aim is to provide each child with a book to read. We see the wear and tear as a good sign as it means the books are being used – we are however also always in need of more so if you have any new or used children’s books you are no longer in need of please send them through.

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