Start a Book Drive

September 24, 2016; 8:32 pm

Street Library Ghana is collecting new books/books in good condition to establish ’street libraries’ in other regions in Ghana, as well as in Liberia, Cameroon and Mozambique. Individuals and groups can help us with this by organising a book drive whether that be at their school, work place, church, etc.

The purpose of a book drive is to raise awareness of the Street Library and to invite people to donate preloved or new books to help the children in West Africa develop their official language reading abilities. Once the books are collected, pack them in a box and ship them to Street Library. We also welcome donations of e-readers. Just address it to Street Library, Box OF 75, Ofankor-Accra, Ghana

If you are interested to organise a book drive, we have a tool kit available to guide you. Send us an email info(a)