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Message from Founder on New Year 2016

January 1, 2016; 12:05 pm

Dear Friend,

I write to express my deep gratitude to you for your support in 2015. Though challenging in many ways, it was such a good year for Street Library. 2016 will even be better.

For five years, Street Library has been rolling out different programs to support reading. Our concept has been replicated by many NGOs in Ghana, Liberia and Cameroon. Many have also taken our idea and refined it to suit their environment and given it different names. Some we know, some we don’t ; we are happy for all. It is a testament of how an innocent idea , could make such impact in the lives of many.

Over the years, we have grown rapidly as an organisation and in 2016, we shall be consolidating our gains. We call it ”our year of consolidation”. We shall be rolling out enrichment programs to support our direct beneficiaries, implemeting partners, communities and all. A key interest for Street Library in 2016 will also be to enhance our advocacy strategy to enable a lot more organisations be involved in reading projects. A new Strategic Plan will be developed with funding from The Global Fund for Children- USA. Our enrichment program will be supported with funding from The Chen Yet-Sen Foundation of HongKong. Many other global partners will be supporting in diverse ways to achieve our vision.

A global fundraising will be launch to raise up to $2million in Endowment . We are prepared for the future and we invite you to invest in us. More details will be shared in the ensuing weeks.

Happy New Year!

Hayford Siaw

Founder- Street Library