Oral Story Competiton

by Street Library Ghana


Frequently Asked Questions about Oral Story Contest

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What is Oral Story Competition?

Oral Story Competition is an initiative of Street Library Ghana to contribute to Cultural enrichment and sharing in Africa, as well to building a repository of oral traditional knowledge among young people. We are looking for you to share a preserved cultural knowledge through vocal utterance from your family, tribe, community and country.

What type or Oral Stories can be submitted?

Oral Stories in

1. Customs

2. Traditions in Beliefs that are Superstitions

3. Traditions in Prose and Literature (Jokes, Riddles, Stories, Rhymes, Tall tales, Ghost Stories etc)

4. Proverbs and Adages

5. Legends (Eg, Kwaku Ananse in Ghana)

6. Traditions in Songs (at marriage, at birth, at death of chief, etc)

7. Traditions in Dances ( Eg, Adowa, Agbadza etc)

What's the Prize?

1st Prize - $250

2nd Prize- $150

3rd Prize - 100

What happens to all Oral Stories?

By participating in this competition, you agree for your oral story to appear on Street Library Website and on its Mobile Apps. It will be freely available and accessible for people to learn about oral narratives from these participating countries.

Who are the Judges?

The Judge for this competition is Mr Hayford Siaw , Founder of Street Library as part of his initiative to promote culture in Africa. He will select the winners.

When is the Deadline?

The competition will open on 4th February 2017 and end on 5th May 2017.

Which language should recording be done?

Oral narratives can be submitted in any African language or a country's official language- that is English or French.

How do you receive my oral story?

Your pre recorded oral story can submitted directly through our website or uploaded on YouTube and linked in your application.

What is the subject (should it be an original story or something that has been passed on in the family)?

We accept stories that has been passed on in the family or community.

How long should a story be?

Each upload of a part or full story, should not be more than 7 minutes of recording time

Which countries are qualified to participate in this round of competition?

1. Ghana 2. Liberia 3. Cameroon only

Age Limit on of participants in the contest?

There is no age limitation.

Criteria for judging

30% Content

25% Clarity of Expression

25% Quality of recording

10% Overall artistic impression

10% Innovative means of delivering the message