Technology & Innovation

September 14, 2015; 1:24 pm

Through a raft of digital innovations, Street Library is involved in strategic partnerships to develop and utilize varied e-platforms to disrupt delivery of educational and culturally relevant literacy resources to children in Africa.

Online Library

As part of an effort to reach wider audiences of children with books, committed volunteers have decided to mobilize freely-available children’s books onto a readily-accessible digital platform, the online library. This serves as a hub providing access to a wide range of books in digital format that can be easily downloadable according to different budgets, from free to premium.

Street Library App

In a medium- to long-term project, Street Library is involved in a strategic partnership with international organizations to develop a raft of digital innovations addressing literacy issues.

Currently in active development, these are designed to engage more children in the interconnected world of communications technology, bringing greater mobility and access to information and broader interaction with each other. This aims to level the playing field that tomorrow’s citizens, workers and leaders will have to operate in.